Office Project

I have always wanted my own home office, that is my version of a man cave. A place where I can go in and allow my creative juices to flow freely. Since the day we purchased our home I designated the 4th bedroom off of the family room as the home office. This was not a entirely a DIY project, due to work, I hired a small crew to remove the old dropped ceiling tiles and wood paneling on 2.5 of the 4 walls and replace with new drywall. Installed new recessed lighting.

Here are before pics, prior to closing:
4th Bed - Pre-Closing
Looking in from family room.

4th Bed Closet

During Construction:

My wife and I decided to go with a his and hers workspace. Below is an inspiration pic:

Catalina Estrada
Courtesy of

And these are the After pics:

2013-03-19 00.35.18  2013-03-19 00.35.41 HDR2013-02-17 21.13.07


And so it begins…

So we closed on our first home in February of 2012.

The first time I walked into the house, I was alone and instantly had a vision of what could be done in each individual space. Later that afternoon, I showed it to my wife and she was not immediately sold. The house had been vacant for several months and the previous owners left old furniture behind, the weeds were overgrown, and a few walls were given a going away present from the previous owners by way of a spray can. Fast forward to today, and so far we have re-done the kitchen, made the 4th bedroom into an office, and have made the house our home. We have allowed the home to evolve into what it is now (through late nights and long weekends) and to what it will become, hence the will of home.

With so much left to do, I want to be able to track the progress. First sharing what has been completed and then chronicling future projects. Here’s a few photos, pre-closing: